Sara's Story

March 07, 2011 | Infant Swimming Resource
Tags: Testimonial

Sara fell into the pool this morning, she is 100% fine. We had been planting vegis and she and Jason were filling there watering cans in the pool and cleaning off the dirt on the pool deck. I turned my back for maybe 5-10 seconds in order to sit something down and I heard the splash. She fell head first into the deep end. Little Jason yelled "Mommy, Sara fell in the pool" and I ran to the edge and knelt down. Praise God both our kids have had ISR swim lessons! Sara had turned herself right side up and was kicking her way to the top of the pool. I told little Jason everything was fine and to watch Sara come to the top. As she got toward the top she started to roll over on her back which is exactly what she is supposed to do. I grabbed her arm as soon as I could reach her and pulled her out. She fussed a little but was pretty much fine. She did NOT choke/gag/etc. I took her wet clothes off and we all went inside and wrapped Sara in a towel. I told her what a great swimmer she was and told she and Jason step by step that they did a perfect job. They were both calm and understood that you kick to the top of the water and then float on your back if you ever fall into the pool or get tired swimming. If you have kids that are 6 months or older PLEASE make sure they know what to do in a situation like this. is the website for ISR lessons and we go to Ginger Blackman. All of the instructors are awesome. Don't let your children become a statistic.

Linda S.