Will's Story

March 25, 2011 | Infant Swimming Resource
Tags: Testimonial

My son, Will, 2 1/2 years old, is currently in swim lessons with Marcy Toler in Oklahoma City. We are in our 4th week of lessons. Two nights ago, we were at my parents, playing in the backyard and Will and I were by the pool not a foot from each other. He was using a swim noodle to pretend fish and went from a bent down position to standing, but when he stood he lost his footing and fell into the pool head first. I couldn't grab him quick enough so I went in after him but in the time he went in and I got to him, he had flipped over, put his arms out and his face was coming to the surface in a floating position. He wasn't panicked, more upset that he was wet than anything. We got out immediately, water's still a bit cold this time of year! And as we dried off, we kept telling him how proud we were for how he floated and this is why we swim with Miss Marcy. He still has a lot to learn with Marcy, but the concept is there and he knew what to do. As a parent, I can't stress enough how important these lessons are; I was right next to him, but couldn't grab him before he went in. Will's PaPa was on the porch and saw the entire thing happen, but I was in (9 months pregnant) and had him out before he could get down the steps to the waters edge. Watching a nightmare come to life scared me to death, but seeing him react exactly how's he's being taught gave me such peace of mind. I don't think there is a gift out there more valuable to give your child and yourself.

With so much love, Angela M.