Olivia's Story

August 10, 2011 | Infant Swimming Resource
Tags: Testimonial

My daughter Olivia is 16 months old and she finished ISR classes one week ago. She is our 5th child and our 3rd to graduate from ISR.

Earlier today we were getting ready to go to my oldest son's baseball tournament. I asked my younger son to feed the dogs, not paying attention to the fact that the dogs were outside and past the pool fence. I went about my business and the baby was playing nearby me. My husband was in the room as well. A few minutes passed and my 7 year old daughter who was sitting at the kitchen table said, "Mommy why is the baby standing on the edge of the pool by herself, that's dangerous." My heart sank. My son had gotten distracted, he had opened the pool gate without my knowledge, and then he left it open and he left the patio door open.

Without ISR, I am sure this would have ended in tragedy. But because the baby had graduated from ISR a week earlier... she knew that swimming was tough work, especially in clothes. She was contemplating going in, but I think she chose not to, because she knew it was hard work. I'm so thankful that her skills were not tested, but I'm also thankful that she has the skills.

It was a mistake, it was only a minute or two, and it happened without us noticing. My daughter loves the water and is drawn to it. I'm sure that today ISR helped prevent her from a drowning incident.