Jack's Story

October 11, 2011 | Infant Swimming Resource
Tags: Testimonial

My son Jack completed his first 6 weeks of lessons this spring when he was 20 months old. About a month ago my husband, sister and I were sitting at a table close to the pool watching Jack play the stairs in my sister's in ground pool (where he goes daily for care) and chatting. Soon Jack moved off of the stairs to the side of the pool. He was playing with a bowl, filling it up and dumping the water back into the pool. Sure enough he leaned over just a little too much and plop there he went into the pool. My sister was about to react and pull him out immediately. I told her not to and walked over to the side of the pool. I watched and waited, mostly calm, but a little nervous.

Jack kicked himself up into his float, just as I knew he would! He was obviously a little frightened and coughing out the water he swallowed. We stood next to the pool for several more seconds praising him and telling him how great he did before I pulled him out of the water. We then continued to make a big deal out of what a great job he did and he started clapping with us.

I am so happy I learned about ISR and was able to get Jack enrolled in a class. I was scared to death for him to be around my sister's pool on a daily basis. With him having these skills, my mind has been put to ease. Thank you for this program and the amazing work you do. I've told many about it and encourage anyone I know to seriously consider this course for their own children.

Joyce H.