The Huckabas' Story

October 18, 2011 | Infant Swimming Resource
Tags: Testimonial

I am the mother of 2 ISR students.  My two & and half year old daughter, has taken ISR lessons 3 times since she was 8 months old and my 11 month old son, just completed his first round of ISR lessons.  During our final lesson last week, my daughter was wiggling around on the pool deck and slipped into the pool during her brother's lesson.  She immediately rolled into the back float position and called out to me.  I encouraged her to swim to the steps and climb out of the water.  She completed the swim-float-swim sequence and pulled herself out of the water.  Even though I was present and could have pulled her from the water instantly, it was wonderful to see her instinctively do what ISR lessons have trained her to herself!  Although I hope neither of my children ever has a need to rescue themselves, it gives me a sense of peace that they could do so if necessary.  Both of my children are extremely comfortable around water and I wholeheartedly believe that ISR lessons & Ms. Barb have given them that gift.

Thank you!

The Huckaba Family

Grace floating