Ian's Story

November 04, 2011 | Infant Swimming Resource
Tags: testimonial

My boy is alive today thanks to Infant Swimming Resource. As soon as I heard ISR started in Puerto Rico, I registered my daughter Adriana. She was two years old at the time. During the same time Adriana was taking classes, I got pregnant with my second child. From my experience with Adriana, I knew that for my second child, Ian, there was no better option than ISR.

Ian started his lessons when he turned one year old and he was doing the sequence perfectly just a couple of weeks later. When Ian turned two, I took both of my children to their refreshers. Both of them did the swim-float-swim sequence even better than the first time. I was so amazed with their progress and, at the same time, grateful because I knew they were going to be safe around the water.

A month later, my family and I went to my in-laws’ house to celebrate Mother’s Day. My husband took Ian to the computer room, while I helped in the kitchen preparing for lunch. I went outside to prepare the table and, inadvertently, left the backyard door open. In a glimpse of a second, Ian passed us by and went directly to the pool. Nobody knew the worst was yet to come. When I went back outside to set the table, I saw Ian all wet. At the moment, I was in complete shock. I did not know what to think or do. Immediately, I asked him what had happened and he said, “Mommy, I fell in the pool, floated and swam.” I began crying and screaming desperately. Everyone was as shock as I was to hear what just had happened. Up to that moment, my husband had not realized that Ian was not with him anymore. My son was completely calmed after the incident, which gave me a lot of strength. ISR was definitely the best decision my husband and I have ever made for our children.

ISR saved my son’s life. If it wasn’t for ISR and Wanda Blanco, our Instructor, I may have not spent another Mother’s Day with my son, Ian. I can honestly say that he is alive because of what they taught him and for that I will be eternally grateful. You have changed so many lives in so many good ways, especially for my family, because we didn’t have to live though the horror of losing a child.

Forever grateful,

Keila C.