The Arndt Family Story

November 17, 2011 | Infant Swimming Resource
Tags: testimonial

The Mile's story video was sent to me when I was pregnant and although I thought it was amazing it wasn't until later an instructor in our area was introduced to my husband. We completed ISR when my daughter was a year old and my son was two. We have a pool and like all parents I was deathly afraid despite having a Catch a Kid Net. My husband and I both work in public safety and unfortunately have seen first hand how deadly water enen with the most good intentioned parents. I've seen kids defeat gates, fences, locks etc.... My kids are five and three now and dive into the deep end for dive sticks. So many people have been amazed by the skills my children learned five other families have signed up as a result of seeing first hand how this program works. I write this all because if there is a parent on the fence as to whether they should or should not do this I can't say enough how much they should. Water safety is not just an alarm, just a fence, just a swim lesson it has to have multiple layers of safety and what better layer then to have your child being prepared to go in if all the other layers fail.