ISR Instructors of the Year

December 15, 2011 | Melody Callaway
Tags: Instructors

Wanda Blanco


Puerto Rico Instructor Wanda Blanco exudes excellence as an ISR Instructor and Master Instructor Candidate. Certified in 2008, Wanda has helped lead the Puerto Rico team to build ISR across the island. Because of the wonderful work that she does educating and inspiring parents, three new Instructors joined the ISR team in Puerto Rico this year.

Anita Pope

Anita Pope

Anita Pope became a certified ISR Instructor in 2004. She currently teaches in Sarasota, FL and is dedicated to putting her students’ and parents’ satisfaction first. ISR is honored to have Anita as an Instructor. She has and continues to have a huge impact on so many lives through lessons.


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