ISR Had Two Incredible Individuals Join us in Achieving Our Mission

September 15, 2011 | Katie Eckert, Chris Anuszewski and Austin Barnett
Tags: Testimonial

Over the past couple of weeks, ISR had the honor of having two incredible individuals join us in achieving our mission. They did not have to, but they chose to, because they wanted to make a difference and they see that ISR can help them to heal and impact the world.

Our Inspiration

The first was Marla Carnes, Sterling’s mom. Through her incredible strength and kindness, we were able to be reminded of why we do what we do. And because of her willingness to share Sterling’s Story, parents and families around the world were able to be educated about ISR and our mission. Her bravery and compassion are boundless and we are so lucky to have her as a representative of our program. She will save lives, of that we have no doubt. Everyone who has watched the videos is deeply touched and impacted. They are powerful and we owe Marla our gratitude for the awesome gift of her support.


The second is also a powerful example. His name is Elias and he is four years old. Elias is an amazing young man. He reached out to us this week with a broken heart. He is mourning the loss of one of his favorite people, his swim teacher, Cindy Asay. It was immediately clear to us from the beautiful hand made card that he sent and the kind words that he wrote that his life was touched by Cindy. In honor of “Miss Cindy,” Elias also sent a donation to ISR. He saved up his allowance from doing chores around the house and donated it to us so that other children could learn to swim and love the water like he does. To say that Elias touched our hearts would be an understatement. We have attached pictures of the card so that you can see the love and attention that he put into his beautiful memorial to Cindy.




With wonderful individuals like these coming to our organization with the express desire to help us achieve our mission, it is difficult not to feel supremely honored and become inspired.

How can we honor Marla and Elias?

Fight Gone Bad 6

What is Fight Gone Bad? It is a annual work out charity fundraiser put on by CrossFit and their Sports Grants department that benefits three chosen charities. This year, the ISR CrossFit Kids Initiative is one of those charities that will benefit from the amazing fundraising efforts of CrossFitters around the world. Through this funding of the ISR CrossFit Kids scholarship program, we will be able to provide lessons to children who would otherwise not be able to participate in our program.

We have set up a Fight Gone Bad fundraising page, in hopes of rallying support and donations for this awesome event. In honor of Sterling and Marla and following Elias’ example, ISR is stepping up to raise more funds and awareness for this event, as well as having some of Instructors participating in the workout! Even the smallest donation will make a huge difference! Below please find the link to the donation site page:

Please join us as we strive to make ISR lessons available to more children and ensure that “Not One More Child Drowns.”