Tribute to Cindy Asay

September 26, 2011 | Harvey Barnett, Ph.D.
Tags: Testimonial

In Memory of Our Dear Friend and Colleague

Cindy was one of the most intuitive and greatest of Instructors from our endeavor to teach infants and young children to self-rescue themselves if the need ever arose.

However, it was out of the water that Cindy taught us all so much more by her life. She taught us that love, patience and compassion come from a pure intent and a pure heart. Our identity is our past, but our destiny is our future… it comes to us, one kind act after another.

She loved to sit and talk, and reflect on the things that fascinated her. She was one of the most complex and dynamic individuals I have ever met, and yet she could engage and converse with a very young child, and then match the mood and needs of the situation effortlessly. That is a very special gift and greatly admired by all who witnessed such sincerity.

Cindy had a very vivid imagination and a disciplined mind… her focus and resolve always surpassed what was needed. She lived her life according to her own rules, after careful introspection of who she was, and what she could be… she lived her life on a plane far above mere existence.

She loved to paint the stars and the heavens. She is there now, and as just as radiant as her smile was in this life. She earned the love from small children and the respect from her community. She left the world a better place. We will all miss her deeply.

~ Dr. Harvey Barnett