AJ had ISR Self-Rescue™ Skills When He Needed Them Most

February 08, 2012 | Katie Smith
Tags: Testimonial

I was hesitant, and even embarrassed to write this note, but I thought about it and decided that I would be a fool if I didn't...
Basically, the worst thing happened on Thanksgiving day. Something I thought would "never" happen to me (us) because I am one of "those" moms... The Kind of Mom who tries to think of every situation that can cause harm to my son and I do my best to prevent it. Well, it happened.... my son fell in a pool. I was with some family/friends, and we were all going to take a walk to the park. So I got AJ (my son) dressed; jacket, shoes,...etc... and I went to go get dressed. We were all doing something and not watching him, so he decided to go out the back door and play by the pool with his tractor. I was in the other room, but when I came out to bring him his gloves, my family member had him wrapped in a towel, soaking wet, saying she just pulled him out of the pool!! She was panicked and he was crying, but he was ok! He wasnt choking, or panicking and was found floating on his back with his head above water yelling, "IM COLD! HELP IM COLD". I had to hold my tears back because I did not want him to be afraid of the water, so I simply said (while squeezing him tight), "OH no silly! Did you fall in the pool?!" He whined a little and said "yes! my tractor fall in the pool!"...
Now ISR teaches them to hold their breath, roll to their back and float. THAT IS WHAT HE DID, FULLY CLOTHED! I am so proud, but I was also feeling so terrible and Of course blaming myself and couldn't help but think of the "what if's"...... So that is why I am sharing this story. So there are no "what if's" for all of you. ISR saved my baby. PLEASE GET YOUR BABIES I.S.R. SWIM TRAINED!!! 


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