Four Year Old Saves Two Year Old Sister

March 21, 2012 | Katie Smith
Tags: Community

LaFollette, Tenn. — Neveah Reynolds, 4, saw her 2-year-old sister was in trouble and had the instinct to save her. "If it wasn't for Neveah, I would have probably lost a kid," said their mother Nikole Reynolds. Neveah and her baby sister, Kazmirah, were driving around their "Barbie" car and playing fairy tales Sunday afternoon.

They stopped at a pond near their LaFollette, Tenn. home to look for frogs to turn into a prince. But when Neveah turned her back, she saw that her sister disappeared under water.

"My sister fell in the middle [of the pond] where all the frogs live," said Neveah. Without wasting time, she found a way to get her out.

"I grabbed a stick and pulled her out ... Her would die if I leave her," she said. "I heard screaming on the security monitor. And the 2-year-old is standing out side the pond drenched head to toe," said Nikole. For this family, Neveah's quick thinking earns her the title of hero.

"I was like 'Oh my God I'm so glad you did that.' It brought tears to my eyes," said Nikole.

Click here to see the interview of the family.  

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