Make a Difference, Become an ISR Certified Instructor

November 08, 2012 | ISR News
Tags: ISR Certified Instructors

Parents often visit us on Facebook to ask when ISR Self-Rescue™ will be available in their communities. ISR Certified Instructors are located throughout the United States and teach in many international locations as well; but, we continue to recruit qualified and dedicated Student Instructors in order to realize our mission to ensure Not One More Child Drowns.

Next week, we’ll share stories from ISR Certified Instructors who have made a real difference in their communities. You can read more about what it means to them to serve families in communities around the world and learn what sparked their interest in our lifesaving Self-Rescue™ program. We are tremendously proud of our Certified Instructors’ passion to help children and we look forward to sharing these new stories with you.

Visit the Careers section to learn more about how you can join our mission. You can become an ISR Certified Instructor and teach children in your own community skills that can help save their lives from an accidental fall into the water. Together, we will expand our reach to one day provide all children with access to ISR Self-Rescue™ lessons.