Special Experiences, Backgrounds Make ISR Certified Instructors Unique

December 04, 2012 | ISR News
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Each ISR Certified Instructor has special experiences and stories that led them to join our mission to ensure Not One More Child Drowns. Lindsey Dolan, an ISR Certified Instructor located in Murrieta, California, explains how her experiences as a mom, nurse and advocate for children in her community inspired her to join the ISR team in October.

My husband and I have been blessed with three amazing children. Living in Arizona, it seemed every house, including our own, had a pool and we knew we would need to be proactive to keep our family safe around the water. Our oldest son was 16 months old when we learned about Infant Swimming Resource. Immediately, I enrolled him in ISR Self-Rescue™ lessons and it was the best decision I could have made. Fast forward six years and two more children later, all our children completed ISR Self-Rescue™ lessons and are amazing swimmers who love and respect the water.

Our ISR Certified Instructor Traci Brown inspired me to train to become an ISR Certified Instructor as well. My degree in Nursing and experience as a high-risk labor and delivery nurse provided me with tremendous experience working with families. From the time we spent together as she taught ISR Self-Rescue™ lessons to my children, Traci learned about my experience, my passion for the ISR mission and how much I love to help others. She knew that with my professional background and commitment to make a difference in our community that becoming an ISR Certified Instructor would be the perfect opportunity for me to make a positive impact. My husband and I had always been such strong advocates for ISR, it became an easy decision for me to contact ISR and start the process to become an ISR Certified Instructor.

From day one, I committed to share this spectacular opportunity with as many families in and around out community as possible. It only takes a few seconds and tragedy can happen. Just the thought of it makes my heart sad. But, I know ISR is one of the most amazing investments a parent can make for his or her child. As an ISR Certified Instructor, I love to hear parents cheer for their little ones at lessons. I love watching a child’s confidence grow in the water. Most of all, I love to hear the stories of how a child was able to use his or her skills to save themselves. – Lindsey Dolan, ISR Certified Instructor.

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