Summer Safety: Must-Haves Around the Water

July 06, 2012 | ISR News
Tags: Safety, Sun, Summer, Vacation

There’s a lot to remember when packing for summer vacation. Along with your bathing suit and sunglasses, here are a few items families should remember to pack for a trip to the water.

Beach Bathing Suit. Pick one brightly colored bathing suit that your child will wear whenever you are at the beach or another crowded area near the water such as a hotel swimming pool or lake. Your child will love the fun bathing suit and he or she will be easier to spot in a crowd. Take a picture of your child wearing the beach bathing suit, so if your child is ever lost you can show others exactly what your child looks like and what he or she is wearing.

Sun Protection. Children need a minimum SPF 30 water-proof sunscreen. Parents are encouraged to apply sunscreen 30 minutes prior to heading outside and sunscreen should be re-applied every 45 minutes to prevent sunburns.

Cell Phone. Don’t be tempted to leave your cell phone in the hotel room or indoors while spending time near the water. Your cell phone is a must-have in case of emergency. Protect it from the water by storing it in a plastic bag.

For more water safety tips, download our Family Aquatic Safety Checklist and review tip sheets for swimming pools, hot tubs, beaches, boating and lakes.