New Student Instructor Training

February 01, 2012 | Katie Smith
Tags: News

ISR continually strives to further its reach and make ISR Self-Rescue™ lessons available in new communities. We are excited to announce the following new Instructor trainings beginning in February. We look forward to welcoming these new Instructors into the ISR family, as we work together towards the day that Not One More Child Drowns.

February 6,  Student Instructor Martha will be training in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
February 6, Student Instructor Brooke will be training in Overland Park, Kansas.
February 6, Student Instructor Jana will be training in Boca Raton, FL to bring ISR to Brazil.
February 13, Student Instructor Brian with be training in Tavares, FL to bring ISR to Trinity, FL.

          February 13, Student Instructor Shalene with be training in Tavares, FL to bring ISR to Asheville, NC.

          February 27, Student Instructor Susana with be training in Miami, FL to bring ISR to Columbia.

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