ISR Instructor Training Cost - What is the ISR Pay It Forward Program

March 23, 2017 | JoAnn Barnett, ISR SMI
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What is the cost of the Infant Swimming Resource Instructor Training Program?

It’s a good question, and it’s one our ISR Careers Department gets quite frequently. One of the most common misconceptions about becoming a part of the ISR Instructor Training Program is that ISR Student Instructors are “paying for training for a job,” which stems from a commonly held belief that ISR Instructors are employees. In fact, ISR Instructors are independent ISR business owners who own and operate their own business and set their own hours and fees. So while we do refer to the cost of becoming an ISR Instructor, as the “ISR Training Fee” or “ISR Instructor Tuition,” the actual cost of ISR Instructor Training represents the cost of being trained and certified in the ISR Technique, as well as the cost of starting your own ISR business.

Speaking of costs, and getting back to the original question, the cost of ISR Instructor Training varies based on a number of factors and options available to anyone considering becoming an ISR Instructor. One cost factor associated with becoming an ISR Instructor depends on if that student Instructor is willing to travel to an ISR Master Instructor (who conducts the ISR Instructor Training), or will require an ISR Master Instructor to come to them. Another factor is whether or not the candidate would be willing to provide lessons, for free, to children in their community once ISR Certified, who ordinarily would not be able to participate based on income through our ISR Pay It Forward Scholarship. Depending on the best option for the student Instructor, the ISR Instructor Training Program costs range between $8,000 and $12,500.

ISR Pay It Forward Scholarship: Reducing the cost of ISR Instructor Training in exchange for Community Service

ISR is growing rapidly, and our culture of community service is more important now than ever before. Since 1966, community service has been a pillar of the ISR Community. To ensure that same culture from so long ago carries us onward and upward to new heights, in 2012, we developed and launched the ISR Pay It Forward Scholarship. Recipients of the Pay It Forward training scholarship pay a significantly reduced cost for the Infant Swimming Resource Instructor Training in exchange for a commitment to community service, and here is how it works: once ISR Certified, Instructors who received the Pay It Forward scholarship are required to provide free lessons to 10 children whose families are unable to afford ISR lessons or families of active duty military and first responders. While we are not quite to our ultimate goal of no family ever being turned away based on an inability to pay for lessons, we are getting closer. The ISR Pay It Forward program matches the opportunity to become an ISR Instructor with a commitment to communities around the world.

ISR Instructor Training

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ISR Instructor Training Fee Without the ISR Pay It Forward Scholarship

In some areas, even for approved applicants, we won’t be able to offer the ISR Pay It Forward Scholarship. In other cases, some approved applicants may decline the ISR Pay It Forward Scholarship. In these instances, the fee to train and own your own ISR Business, as a Certified ISR Instructor, is $12,500. Knowing that the cost to become an ISR Instructor could preclude some applicants who have made significant investments in their own education, or some who are just starting out professionally, ISR launched its own in-house financing program in an effort to remove as many barriers to excellent ISR Instructor Training Candidates becoming the next great ISR Instructors. ISR Financing is wholly owned by ISR meaning that we have a significant amount of flexibility in the approval and application process… our ultimate goal is to see the best candidates become ISR Instructors to help us provide access to families in communities across the U.S. The ISR Financing program features no hard credit checks, fee-simple terms, and 3 standard packages each with fixed rates over 24 months. Applicants interested in ISR Financing are invited to inquire with the ISR Careers Team for more information.

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Our team of nearly 500 ISR Instructors own and operate their own ISR Businesses in 17 different countries, in 4 languages, and they are supported by a team whose sole charter is to see each of them meet their respective professional goals while delivering the safest most effective survival swimming lessons to infants and young children. At ISR, we have the brand, visibility, support staff, experience, and Instructor training program to guide even the newest of our team members to owning their own successful, impactful, ISR business in as little as six weeks. So, if you've been considering a change, or simply want to know you are making a difference while earning a great income and setting your own hours, we invite you to learn more about becoming an ISR Instructor here: