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CrossFit Kids

ISR and CrossFit Kids are working together to "Prepare Children for the Unexpected." Through this unique initiative, many more families now have access to the safest survival swimming lessons in the world. These lessons work to empower their children with ISR Self-Rescue™ skills – building a foundation for a lifetime of safety, fun and fitness in the water. 

History of the Initiative

Sometimes, the experiences of a parent at your pool lead to something much more. You never know when one of these families that you have touched by providing their child with lessons will turn around and give something back to the organization. This was the case with Greg Glassman. He enrolled his 4 children, like thousands of parents do each year. He went to lessons, took his BUDS and three towels and watched as his children learned the Self-Rescue™ skills and become confident swimmers. He was like any other parent and like many mentioned above, he was amazed with the results and truly impressed with the program. He saw that ISR and these Self-Rescue™ swimming lessons can and do save lives. And he was inspired to do something to help.

Greg Glassman is the President and Founder of CrossFit, a worldwide fitness phenomenon. You may have read about it online or seen a friend post about it on Facebook and you probably wondered what they were talking about. Simply put (you can read more details about CrossFit via the links on this page), CrossFit is an athletic training program that uses constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity to create workouts with a goal of achieving elite level fitness. This program is offered through gyms, known as “boxes,” that are located in cities around the world. CrossFit is wildly popular and highly visible. They are partnered with Reebok and just featured on a joint commercial that aired during the NFL Playoff football games and the annual CrossFit Games have been featured on ESPN on four different occasions since October 2011.

“Coach” Glassman decided that he wanted to utilize his company and resources to help ISR. He knew that together CrossFit and ISR could make a massive impact on the world and he wanted to find a way to make that happen. With this goal in mind, Coach Glassman reached out to ISR and with our Team, started planning out how these two great companies could work together.

What has the initiative achieved thus far?

Coach Glassman’s biggest priority is making lessons available to all children, regardless of the socio-economic situation of their family or geographic location. He wants to remove the financial barrier to lessons, so we went to work on how this could be achieved. We began with a pilot program in Miami, providing free lessons to 150 children of first responders, fire fighters, police officers, and military personnel. Coach Glassman provided scholarship dollars via the CrossFit Kids program and we provided the lessons. This initiative was a tremendous success! We met our goal and made a huge impact on the Miami community.

In a snapshot, here is what we have achieved thus far:

  • 152 Students have received lessons in Miami-Dade County
  • 174 Students are on the waiting list in Miami-Dade County
  • 1 ISR-CrossFit Kids Instructor has been trained

The success of this initiative led Glassman to want to become even more involved and raise even more scholarship funds. To do so, he named ISR as one of the recipients of donations raised via CrossFit’s annual fundraising event. Annually, this event raises over two millions dollars for the charities lucky enough to be selected as beneficiaries. With the infusion of this incredible gift of scholarship funds, we solidified our partnership and are moving forward together to achieve our now mutual goal of preparing children for the unexpected and ensuring that no family ever has to face the horrible fate of losing a child to drowning.

This partnership is an incredible opportunity for ISR to take a huge step forward toward achieving our mission. To find out how you can become involved in the ISR CrossFit Kids initiative, please explore visit the ISR CrossFit Kids Partnership Website.

1st responders and servicemen with their Skilled children