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CrossFit Kids

ISR and CrossFit Kids are teaming up to “Prepare Children for the Unexpected.” Through this unique partnership, more families than ever before have access to the safest most effective survival swimming lessons in the world. CrossFit Kids aims to empower children in every area from SAT preparation to fitness. ISR Self-Rescue™ lessons build a foundation for a lifetime of safety, fun and fitness in the water, and together, ISR and CrossFit Kids® are making a difference in the lives of families everywhere…and we’re not done yet!

History of the Initiative

Occasionally the experiences of a parent at an ISR pool create a new cornerstone within the ISR Community to the benefit of thousands. ISR Instructors are recognized by appreciative parents for the skills their children have learned, and sometimes parents see an intersection between a resource they have and a need within their community. Greg Glassman, President and Founder of CrossFit, enrolled his 4 children with ISR, went to lessons, and watched as his children became confident and safe swimmers through the ISR Self-Rescue™ skills they learned. Amazed with what his children could do, he recognized the capacity of these skills to save lives and was inspired to help.

In March of 2011, CrossFit Kids pledged to provide the children of firefighters, police officers, first responders and military personnel in Miami-Dade County with ISR lessons. The initial support of CrossFit and the CrossFit community helped to provide the opportunity for over 150 children to receive ISR lessons, and the program has since become available nationwide, serving a total of over 400 families.

What has the initiative achieved thus far?

The CrossFit Community has rallied to support ISR and work towards Coach Glassman’s priority of making ISR Self-Rescue™ lessons available to all children regardless of their family’s ability to pay or their location. His prediction, that the CrossFit Community would find out about the impact ISR lessons have and want to get involved, proved beyond accurate.

Since the beginning of the ISR-CrossFit Kids partnership in March 2011, we are proud to have achieved the following:

  • Over 400 children have received a full set of ISR lessons.
  • Ensured an ongoing impact by training 9 Instructors within the CrossFit Kids Community Community who will provide free lessons annually.
  • Established a waiting list of over 450 families nationwide.

The success of this first initiative, and the amount of support it received from the ISR Community, the CrossFit Community, and communities across the country cemented the partnership between ISR and CrossFit Kids. Greg Glassman has since taken his support and the support of his community a step further and named ISR as one of the recipients of donations raised via CrossFit’s annual fundraiser.

Click here to visit and learn more about this community-minded no-nonsense fitness phenomenon, and further about the incredibly active community of members who have undertaken several initiatives to improve communities around the globe.

The ISR Powered by CrossFit Kids partnership is an incredible opportunity for ISR to take a huge step forward toward achieving our mission. To find out how you can become involved in this initiative, please visit our website

1st Responders and Servicemen with their ISR skilled children



Trevor “Birdie” Davis Water Safety Foundation

Davis Family - The Trevor "Birdie" Davis Water Safety Foundation was founded June 2006, as a result of his accidental drowning, when he was 26 months old. The mission of the foundation is to save innocent lives through education and awareness of water hazards for both children and adults. We are devastated over the loss of our son and we know that we need to make it our mission to help prevent other children and parents from having to experience this type of tragedy.

The Foundation partnered with ISR in 2007 as a partner in drowning prevention to help raise awareness for water safety and make ISR’s Self-Rescue™ program available to families in the Metro DC area. Today, because of continued donations and support more than 1,000 children have been trained in the ISR program and the foundation has certified 6 ISR instructors located in DC, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Seattle.


The Harrah's Regional Trauma Center at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center

Atlanticare - The Harrah’s Regional Trauma Center at AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center (ARMC) and the AtlantiCare LifeCenter have partnered with Infant Swimming Resource as the first health care organization in the nation to offer ISR's Self-Rescue program. AtlantiCare is currently hosting lessons at the AtlantiCare LifeCenter in Atlantic City, NJ.

AtlantiCare is a regional healthcare organization based in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey, whose more than 4,740 employees serve the healthcare needs of the community at more than 60 locations. It includes AtlantiCare Regional Medical Center (ARMC), the AtlantiCare Foundation, AtlantiCare Health Plans, AtlantiCare Behavioral Health and AtlantiCare Health Services. ARMC became the 105th hospital in the nation to attain status as a Magnet™ designated hospital in March of 2004 and was redesignated a Magnet™ hospital in 2008.


The Elliot Barbier Little Prince Foundation

Little Prince Foundation - The Elliot Barbier Little Prince Foundation was started in memory of Elliot Barbier. Our son died tragically on June 14th, 2008 in an accidental drowning. We were blessed that God chose us to have Elliot, even though it was for a short period of time he changed us and everyone around our family. This foundation will strive to make a difference in the world everyday in Elliot's memory. Through our programs our foundation hopes to educate everyone in the hope that this type of tragedy does not happen again. Children are God's greatest gift, hug your child today.


The Penn-Jersey Chapter of the NorthEast Spa and Pool Association (NESPA)

NESPA - NESPA has made a significant grant to the ISR Community of Caring. The grant will sponsor and scholarship ISR lessons for families who are in need of lessons in the Pennsylvania and New Jersey region of the United States. Through the leadership provided by the past President of the Penn-Jersey Chapter of NESPA and current President of NESPA, Mr. Pete Lucey, this professional organization for the pool and spa industry is setting an example and model for the rest of the country. Mr. Lucey's comment at the presentation of the grant sums up their intent as well as their actions. "Whatever we have to do to see to it that not one more child drowns, we will do it." The ISR Community of Caring gratefully acknowledges the support and commitment to our mutual mission and would like to thank the Penn-Jersey Chapter of NESPA for this vital contribution and partnership.


Central Florida YMCA and the Dr. P. Phillips Charities

YMCA - Safe Start was created through the collaborative effort of the Dr. P. Phillips Charities, Infant Swimming Resource (ISR), and the Central Florida YMCA. Through a generous grant from the Dr. P. Phillips Charities, Safe Start was made available at selected YMCA Family Centers in the Central Florida area. The Dr. P. Phillips Charities provided the funding to implement Safe Start (including ISR training for all instructors), and place ISR Master Instructors in YMCA centers; the YMCA provided the facilities for lessons and the organizational structure to support the Safe Start program; ISR provided the proprietary teaching methods as well as the training and supervision of instructors; and the provided staff members to undergo ISR instruction and facilities in which to hold the Safe Start classes.

Today, Safe Start has expanded to areas throughout the state from Central to South Florida. Forming partnerships with the YMCA of the Palm Beaches, the JCC of the Greater Palm Beaches, the YMCA of Broward County, the Peter Blum Family YMCA of Boca Raton and the City of Coral Gables Fire Department.


The Biltmore Hotel of Coral Gables

Biltmore Miami - Miami has hosted various media events to assist in the prevention of accidental child drownings. These events included NBC's Today Show to help educate their community and others about ISR.


The Dudick Family

dudick dudick

“There is only one beautiful child in the world and every mother has it”…

The adorable little girl pictured here is an ISR student whose parents are well aware of the need for ISR lessons. They are both emergency and trauma physicians. They chose to make a significant contribution to the ISR Community of Caring to provide assistance for families and babies who need some financial help for ISR lessons. Their generosity is only surpassed by the radiance of their daughter’s smile … truly a gift for us all!


Gold River Racquet Club

Gold River Racquet Club - Gold River Racquet Club is proud to offer ISR lessons at their facility. As one of Gold River, California's most exclusive private clubs since 1985, the club offers the most diverse array of services, programs and activities to help you maintain your good health.


Interested in becoming a Partner in the ISR Mission?

We appreciate your support to further our mission to help see the day when Not One More Child Drowns. If you have any questions or would be interested in getting your company involved in supporting ISR’s mission, please email