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If your child has previously gone through ISR Self-Rescue™ lessons, we invite you to share your story with us so that we may use it to help educate other parents about survival swimming and aquatic safety.  

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Recent Testimonials

ISR Self-Rescue™ Skills Made the Difference…
February 02, 2013 | ISR News

For ISR mom Erin, ISR Certified Instructor Lisa Beers’ instruction proved invaluable when her son, Michael, wandered to a nearby canal.

Children with Autism Benefit from ISR Self-Rescue™ Lessons
September 18, 2012 | ISR News

Living on Lake Michigan’s shores, one ISR parent and her family have spent many summer days near the water. But, splashing in the water became a concern as her daughter wasn’t progressing in traditional swimming lessons.

Swimming Lessons: A Foundation for Fun!
August 14, 2012 | ISR News

Infant Swimming Resource is about more than teaching children to rescue themselves should they reach the water alone.

Our Lifesaving Program Makes an Impact in Hillsborough County, Florida
July 05, 2012 | ISR News

Hillsborough County mother, Lindsey Mack, enrolled her daughter Emily in ISR Self-Rescue™ lessons with Certified Instructor Dianne Cutri. Her testimonial explains how our innovative program is saving lives.

Survival Swimming Lessons Save Toddler in Mobile, Alabama
June 18, 2012 | ISR News

During the busy holiday season, it took only a second for Jonah to wander away and chase after a toy that fell into his family’s backyard pool.